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How Your Unique Love Language Relates to Self-Care

We all have our own love language - a unique way that we express love, either with our significant others or with ourselves. There are five types of love languages, as follows:

  • Quality Time
  • Gifts
  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service

If you don't yet know what your love language is, take this quiz to find out:

There is a sense of power in knowing what our respective love language is, as having an awareness of what resonates with us most and how we best like to receive love can enhance how we approach not just life and relationships, but in caring for the self and our hair.

Quality Time

Quality time when it comes to self-care is about devoting time to YOU. That might involve meditation and relaxation, or perhaps a good workout that leaves you feeling great afterward. It could be setting aside time for your passions and hobbies - making time for the things that you love is a vital aspect of the human experience. Ultimately, it's about giving yourself undivided attention and being present with yourself. Taking time to tend to your hair and making sure it's healthy, or even just taking time to appreciate the uniqueness of it, goes a long way. Spend quality time pursuing your optimal hair care, nourishing your hair with optimal products that celebrate your curls, locs, and lifestyle.


Treating or rewarding yourself with gifts is a powerful, symbolic way to dabble in self-affirmation and love. If your love language is receiving gifts, gifting yourself something tangible and physical is a great way to celebrate yourself while enhancing your self-care and beauty regimen. Allow yourself to try something new with your hair, trying out a new shampoo or conditioner that you've been eyeing, or perhaps treating yourself to a good wash, style change-up, or a new color – and hey, we'd always recommend one of our Striking + Strong products as a great gift!

Physical Touch

There is such a wide range of physical indications of love. Physical touch as a love language can mean a host of things when it comes to caring for yourself - maybe it involves taking time to stretch your muscles in the morning, or treating yourself to a spa day where you get a massage or a deep facial. Whatever your fancy is, physical touch as a love language means you feel a sense of love and empowerment through hands-on care and attention. A great way to enhance your hair care through this love language can be a scalp massage, and moisturizing your curls to add just the right volume and bounce that will rejuvenate your unique hair.

Words of Affirmation

If you enjoy being appreciated and like verbal reminders of how much someone appreciates you, then words of affirmation may very well be your love language. It may be a simple "I love you," or someone telling you what they appreciate about you. Translated to self-care, words of affirmation are all about practicing daily affirmations and being kind to yourself. Documenting the little wins that you achieve throughout the day and being your own cheerleader. Being compassionate to yourself. Especially for women with textured hair, it is so important to see the beauty in your hair and celebrate it for its gorgeous curls, kinks, and coils. Affirming your striking + strong beauty is such a huge part of self-care and hair care.

Acts of Service

Last but certainly not least, acts of service centers on preferring action over words, especially through that help takes a bit off your load. Being surprised by someone you love taking time out of their day to make yours just that much easier or surprising you by taking care of something that's been on your plate for a while. It could be as simple as taking care of dinner so that you don't have to. Acts of service when taking care of yourself is the art of DOING self-love. Practicing good hygiene, preparing healthy meals for yourself, and tending to your physical and mental well-being. Performing acts of service with your hair involves the actual maintenance and routine that you create for your hair and helping it have the strength it needs to stay healthy and vivacious as you do your day-to-day errands and various activities. Whether you take time to handle wash day yourself or go to the salon to have your hair tended to while you rest is how you show love to yourself.

Affirm yourself and your hair with your love language today. Remember that it is possible to run your life the way that you want while still maintaining a healthy hair regimen that you enjoy. 

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