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Wellness tips

Clean, Food-Based Ingredients vs Food for your Hair: How diet and exercise affect your hair
Clean, Food-Based Ingredients vs Food for your Hair: How diet and exercise affect your hair

We've all seen viral videos of homemade hair treatments and countless posts about how important it is to oil your scalp, but healthy hair starts from the inside! Not all oils are created equal when it comes to nourishing your tresses, despite what popular opinion and the natural hair community believe. Then there are do-it-yourself (DIY) food masks, which lack the nutrients needed for strong, beautiful curls.
From the inside out: How diet and exercise affect your hair

You've probably heard it before: What you eat has an impact on how you feel. It affects every aspect of your life. In many ways, your overall health and wellness components are reflected in your hair. What you eat influences hair growth and the overall quality, feel, and strength of your hair. The same can be said for exercising.
How to reduce your anxiety around starting a fitness program

Are you new to exercising and unsure of where to begin? Are you worried that other gymgoers will see your inexperience? Do you need some inspiration to get back in shape after some time away from the gym? It's completely normal to feel a little unsure of where to start, and you aren't alone.
Love on your hair
How to Love on Your Hair: Love Language Edition

There is a sense of power in knowing what our respective love language is, as having an awareness of what resonates with us most and how we best like to receive love can enhance how we approach not just life and relationships, but in caring for the self and our hair.
The difference between motivation and commitment
The difference between motivation and commitment

Two words frequently used when discussing active lifestyles and wellness goals are motivation and commitment. They are considered instrumental in achieving your wellness goals and maintaining an active lifestyle. But what do they really mean? Are they related? How can they support you in achieving your wellness and self-care objectives?