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Hair Tips

Clean, Food-Based Ingredients vs Food for your Hair: How diet and exercise affect your hair
Clean, Food-Based Ingredients vs Food for your Hair: How diet and exercise affect your hair

We've all seen viral videos of homemade hair treatments and countless posts about how important it is to oil your scalp, but healthy hair starts from the inside! Not all oils are created equal when it comes to nourishing your tresses, despite what popular opinion and the natural hair community believe. Then there are do-it-yourself (DIY) food masks, which lack the nutrients needed for strong, beautiful curls.
Love on your hair
How to Love on Your Hair: Love Language Edition

There is a sense of power in knowing what our respective love language is, as having an awareness of what resonates with us most and how we best like to receive love can enhance how we approach not just life and relationships, but in caring for the self and our hair.
The Curly Hair Care Calendar

Have you noticed that your curly hair changes with the seasons? In the summer, is your hair more frizzy? In the winter, is it drier? Six months later, is your favorite conditioner still ineffective? It might be time to adjust your hair care routine to reflect the seasons. With our Curly Hair Care Calendar, Striking + Strong has you covered if you're unsure where to begin.
Tips for maintaing healthy curly hair while excercising
Keeping Curly Hair Healthy While Working Out

Sadly, committing to a more active lifestyle can also compromise the health of your curls and coils—but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips to keep your hair healthy while getting your fitness on.