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As you commit to a more active lifestyle, you can also promise to care for your curls and coils. The perspiration you generate during a gym session can affect the appearance and feel of your hair. That's why it's important to find a balance between cleansing and hydrating your strands and reaching your fitness goals. Learn about measures you can take to maintain the look and softness of your mane, from your roots all the way down to the tips.

Moisturize before and after workouts

Along with eating a healthy snack and stretching your muscles, replenishing moisture in your hair should be an essential part of your post-workout ritual and before your next gym session. Sweat that infiltrates and stays inside your curls can increase dryness, so use your favorite moisturizing products to hydrate your hair. Smooth leave-in conditioner on the length of your strands, which can prevent tangles and add softness to your coils. Also, remember to seal the moisture in with an oil, such as castor oil.

Use a clarifying shampoo

After several intense workouts, dedicate a few hours to washing and conditioning your curls. Reach for a bottle of clarifying shampoo to remove sweat particles and product build-up from your scalp. With our Mighty Micellar shampoo, your scalp can enjoy a thorough yet gentle cleaning and receive nourishment from healthy ingredients, such as witch hazel and Jojoba oil. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, such as our Cool Down conditioner, to rejuvenate your curls and add a shine that the sun will reflect during your next morning run.

Wear a headband

A headband is an active curly girl-friendly accessory that can absorb the perspiration that you accumulate during your gym session. Slide the band on your head to smooth your hair back and keep your curls out of your face, allowing you to concentrate on your form when you exercise. Look for a headband with silk or satin material, which preserves moisture in your edges without placing tension on your hairline. If a blowout or silk press is your hairstyle for the week, try a headband to impede sweat from trickling into your hair follicles and causing your roots to revert.

An alternative accessory is a head wrap, ideal for tying up long hair, such as locks, or maintaining the slickness of buns and puffs. If you're sporting a wash-and-go, consider styling your hair in a pineapple updo to retain the definition of your curls, and tie a head wrap around your head to counteract beads of sweat on your forehead and the back of your neck. Make sure the wrap is secure, but avoid tying it too tightly, so you're not exerting a lot of pressure on your curls and your head while you burn calories.

Prioritize scalp care

Bold, glistening curls with volume start with a healthy scalp. As you wait for wash day to use shampoo, consider using a co-wash product to cleanse your scalp and expel sweat and grime from your strands. Schedule co-washing in the middle of the week and between workouts. You can also apply moisturizing oils directly to your scalp to prevent dryness and stimulate hair growth.

Sport a protective style

Before your next gym session, ask your beautician to install a protective style for your curls. Choose a look that requires minimal maintenance and keeps your strands out of your face. For example, you can section your kinky-coily hair into Bantu knots, which deliver easy access to the scalp for daily oil applications, and you can use a satin headband to safeguard your edges. Another option is cornrows, a braided style that stays neat, even when you're working out several times a week.

Protective styles can also make it easier for you to tie your hair into a ponytail or bun. If you plan to run for a few miles, gather your box braids or crochet twists into a scrunchie, so they're not obstructing your vision as you sprint. Sport two-strand twists or individual braids that you can position in a half-up, half-down style or secure them to your head with bobby pins. Whether you're wearing extensions or manipulating your natural curls, remember to adhere to your shampooing routine, so your curls and waves remain healthy in and outside of the gym.

Embrace the sweat

Sweat is inevitable when you exercise, especially if your goal is to feel the burn in your muscles. Embrace the sweat by adjusting your hair-care routine to fit your active lifestyle. For example, if your workout includes laps around the pool, plan to cleanse your scalp on the same day to remove the chlorine from your coils.

To minimize frizz between workouts, make sure the roots and length of your curls are completely dry before you undo your ponytail or take off your head wrap. You can streamline the drying process by plugging in a blow dryer and using the cool or medium heat settings to reduce the wetness of your strands.

Self-care comes in all forms, from lathering a shampoo through your scalp to accelerating your heart rate by running on a treadmill. Strive to preserve the health of the curls on your head as you strengthen and tone your body. By using satin accessories and active curly girl-friendly products, you can remain confident that you're protecting your crown, so you don't have to be afraid of breaking a sweat.

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