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Empowered To Go Further: New Black Woman-owned Haircare Line Launches, Determined to Challenge the Either (Hair) Or (Wellness) Narrative

Dallas-based hair care brand, Striking + Strong, is a newly launched line of products with clean, nature-based ingredients, aimed at helping those with wavy, curly, and kinky-coily hair to maintain active lifestyles while managing their hair “From Work out to Wash Day.” The woman-powered, community-minded company is resolute in its mission to dismantle the “either/or” narrative that choosing physical health or hair health is the singular proposition for women with diverse hair care needs. Research shows that two out of every five African American women (40%) said they avoid working out because of concerns about hair, and founder, Tanja Collins, seeks to address that with products that work as hard as the women she aims to serve.

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