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12 days of self-care
12 Days of Self-Care

For many, this is considered a most joyous time of year. For some, the opposite. One thing that is certain: we could all use an extra dose of self-care. Here are 12 ideas you can do to get a few more 'me-moments' each day.
The difference between motivation and commitment
The difference between motivation and commitment

Two words frequently used when discussing active lifestyles and wellness goals are motivation and commitment. They are considered instrumental in achieving your wellness goals and maintaining an active lifestyle. But what do they really mean? Are they related? How can they support you in achieving your wellness and self-care objectives?
Shop thoughtful haircare for active curls
Launching with a mission

Striking + Strong makes a powerful entrance into the hair care market, calling a pre-existing mindset into question and seeking to solve a longstanding problem for active women with textured hair and busy lifestyles.
5 Myths + 5 Facts About Curly Hair by Striking + Strong
5 Myths + 5 Facts About Curly Hair

As you research what practices are best for your texture, you may encounter myths that make the learning curve even steeper. Explore five facts about curly and kinky-coily hair to increase your confidence in your hair and enjoy a stress-free approach to taking care of the precious follicles on top of your head.
Tips for maintaing healthy curly hair while excercising
Keeping Curly Hair Healthy While Working Out

Sadly, committing to a more active lifestyle can also compromise the health of your curls and coils—but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips to keep your hair healthy while getting your fitness on.
tep it up playlist by Striking + Strong
Playlist for you: Step It Up

A high-energy, all-good vibes workout playlist curated by us to help you — Step It Up!
Cool it down playlist by Striking + Strong
Playlist for you: Cool It Down

Whether stretching, doing light yoga or whatever brings you peace, this playlist is curated with love to help set the right vibes to Cool it Down.
Black Hair vs Exercise?
The history behind the Black hair + exercise conflict

Coils that defy gravity and shrink like magic are notable characteristics of Black hair. Despite the harmful notions that existed about these unique textures, members of the Black community have still learned to embrace their strands and develop hair care routines. Yet, regular exercise presents an obstacle Black individuals aim to overcome to feel confident in their hair while reaching their fitness goals. Explore the history of Black hair to understand the intersections between hair and exercise and how being healthy in both areas is possible.